Student Opportunities

Since the Space Physics Research Laboratory is a part of the University of Michigan, one of its most important roles is education. Educational activities at SPRL include the teaching of formal courses, close interaction of faculty with students on an individual basis, work experience for undergraduates in several engineering disciplines, and research opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.

In addition to our work with graduate and undergraduate students, researchers at SPRL are working with NASA scientists, specialists in information studies, advanced technology, and education, as well as museum curators to develop tools to facilitate public access to Earth and Space Science remote sensing data resources on the Internet.

Student Projects

  • Magic Bus
  • Icarus
  • Student Opportunities

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities at SPRL
  • Graduate Research Opportunities at SPRL
  • Student Space Systems Fabrication Lab (S3FL)
  • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
  • U-M Solar Car Team